Poll: Nevada Voters Overwhelmingly Support Bold, Aggressive Climate Action

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The Nevada Conservation League Education Fund commissioned the Global Strategy Group to conduct a recent multi-channel survey to explore Nevadans’ views on climate change and our state’s response. The poll data demonstrates that Nevada voters overwhelmingly support bold, aggressive climate action. 

Key findings from the poll: 

  • Nevada voters realize the urgency of the climate crisis. 82 percent of Nevada voters believe that climate change is a serious problem and 67 percent agree “climate change is already having a serious impact on this part of the country.” 
  • Nevada voters want to see climate legislation. Nearly 65 percent of Nevada voters support lawmakers taking strong action to combat climate change. 
  • Nevada voters support progressive proposals to combat climate change. 73 percent support a plan to require Nevada utilities to get 100% of their electricity from clean energy sources and 70 percent strongly support regulations to place a limit on total carbon emissions in the state. 
  • Nevada voters are driven by optimism. Among the top reasons driving Nevada voters’ broad support for climate action is the belief that taking action will hail positive effects on families, harmful weather events, and the economy. 

This data affirms that Nevadans understand the threat of the climate crisis and want to see leaders take action to mitigate its harmful effects on our communities before it’s too late. On the first day of the 2021 state legislative session, this data calls on state legislators to prioritize pro-climate policies that will protect our environment, wildlife, and public health for years to come. 

The poll gathers data from 801 registered voters in Nevada surveyed via online panels or phones. Care has been taken to ensure the political, geographical, and demographic divisions of the population of registered voters are properly represented.

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