Autumn in Nevada: Northern Nevada

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Guest Blog Series

In honor of Nevada Day, we have published a short series of guest blog posts about Nevada, with an emphasis on our state’s stunning landscapes and natural resources. These posts have been written by our friends and supporters from across the state. Inspired? Feel free to contact us with questions or a submission:

Nevada landscape.

Northern Nevada

By Kyle Davis

I was born and raised in this state, and my family has been roaming Northern Nevada since my great-grandfather worked for the USGS. I spent most of my childhood camping and enjoying outdoor activities like hiking in the Ruby Mountains, exploring the caves of Eastern and Central Nevada, waterskiing at Rye Patch Reservoir, and rock climbing at Angry Man and Pig Rock near Pyramid Lake.  More recently, I’ve explored mountain ranges like the Granites, Selenites and Sonomas in search of the elusive chukar partridge.

Nevadans are incredibly lucky to have so much public land to explore and we often take for granted something that many residents of other parts of the country envy. Natural resources are always a concern in our state, but we’re starting to get to the point that you can actually see climate change happening. Places that I used to enjoy as a child are now very different as wildfire, invasive species and drought are taking an increasing toll on the landscape. I’m now starting to take my children to some of these places, and I worry that they won’t have the same opportunity with their own children in the future.

This is why I do the work that I do, and that is why organizations like the Nevada Conservation League Education Fund are important. If our children are going to have the same opportunities and experience that we did, we’ve got to get serious about fixing the problems that we’ve created.

Nevada landscape.

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