Climate Change

We have an obligation to future generations to take steps to address pollution that threatens our communities and our economy. Nevada is already experiencing impacts from climate disruption including extreme heat events, ongoing droughts in all parts of the state and increasingly destructive wildfires in places like the Spring Mountains and Lake Tahoe Basin.

New carbon pollution standards create a significant opportunity to not only modernize our electric system but also create more demand for Nevada’s vast clean energy resources. Thanks to proactive bipartisan leadership, Nevada is in a strong position to economically benefit. Especially since Nevada has already made significant strides in decreasing our carbon emissions and the ability to develop our own plan, Nevada can use this opportunity to create jobs and economic development in our state.

What can I do?

With the 81st Nevada Legislative session happening this year, now is the time to let our decision-makers know that we can not afford further worsening climate change and our public health crisis by developing low-potential natural gas in Nevada. Sign the petition so we can cut emmissions in Nevada and meet the Renewable Portfolio Standard goals we codified into Nevada’s constitution in the 2020 election.


Nevada Clean Power Plan Fact Sheet