Renewable Energy

Nevada is blessed with arguably the most renewable energy potential in the United States. The state receives nearly 300 days of sunshine per year and there is still plenty of untapped geothermal potential. Although less numerous, opportunities for wind projects exist in all parts of the state as well. To date, Nevada has seen more than 5.5 billion invested in renewable energy projects, with many of those taking advantage of state tax credits, which has given the state a 10 to 1 return on it’s investment. Through these investments and other policy decisions, Nevada now has a total of 1,465 MW of renewable energy installed or under construction and has reduced our carbon footprint significantly since 2005.

In addition to these successes on large-scale development, Nevada has seen significant investment in distributed generation, most commonly seen as rooftop solar.

Moving forward, there are ongoing discussion as to how our state can continue to grow our renewable energy economy. Discussions about rooftop solar policy, implementation of federal standards and adjustments to current policy are happening at the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection and the Interim Legislative Committee on Energy.

What can I do?

Sign the petition for a fair and equitable transition away from high-polluting methane gas and toward clean, renewable energy in Nevada.


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